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Meal Kit: Braised Oxtail Dinner [5 Units]

Meal Kit: Braised Oxtail Dinner [5 Units]

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Dinner Kit Options: Five (5) Units

Enjoy a taste of Jamaican tradition with our Braised Oxtail Dinner. This delicious dinner features oxtail, a flavorful cut of meat that has been a part of Jamaican cuisine for centuries. Traditionally cooked with vegetables, such as scotch bonnet peppers, and onions, this stew-like dish is sure to tantalize your taste buds and fill you up.

Each of the five packages of braised oxtail dinners are enough to feed a family of four, but is most appropriate for a dinner date of two. Some of the dinner kits include our famed MK oxtail stew, rice and peas, and a serving of fried plantains. We also have a meat only option for those who prefer to make their own sides. All you need to do to complete the dinner is warm everything up. This is the best oxtail dinner you will get outside of our restaurants.

Five units are shipped allowing you to plan out your dinner plans for a week or two.

Please be advised that due to the special handling required for this item, we can only fulfill MK@Home orders on regular business days between Monday and Wednesday. All orders made after 2pm on Thursday will be fulfilled on the first business day between Monday and Wednesday of the next week. This is to ensure that the item arrives within 48-hours of your purchase.

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