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Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup

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Around 2015, the maple syrup industry initiated a shift in its labeling. Before then, there were three “grades”: A, B and C. The trouble was, while these grades simply referred to color and flavor, consumers often thought each letter had something to do with quality. To avoid confusion, a new system was created in which all maple syrups are called “Grade A,” followed by their specific color and flavor designation.

Here we have Trader Joe’s 100% Maple Syrup – Grade A Amber Color & Rich Taste (first presented in 2006 under the old labeling system). This is the second lightest (both in color and flavor) of the four Grade A syrups. Its lightness is due, in part, to having been tapped mid-season. (Syrups start out lighter and become darker as the season progresses.) Given its particular qualities, this Maple Syrup works well for most eating occasions— from pancake topping, to Old Fashioned sweetening.

We also carry Trader Joe’s Organic Vermont Grade A Dark Color & Robust Taste Maple Syrup, which is harvested late in the season, when the sap’s sugar content is lower and water content is higher. The longer boiling period required to create the finished syrup results in the darker color and intense flavor. It’s an impeccable pancake partner, and an ideal ingredient in maple-focused recipes as well.


  • ORGANIC MAPLE SYRUP [Vermont Version] or;
  • MAPLE SYRUP [Regular Grade A Version]
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